First and foremost, I am a huge geek with a particular interest in Fantasy, Gothic horror, and the Classics. I appreciate all the arts and have dabbled in bits and pieces of many creative genres, but Music will always be my muse. I'm in a long term commitment with Opera and Broadway, and I'm convinced that people would be happier if they just broke out in songs and dance numbers. 


Nickname?: I go by Sammy or Sam. My mother called me Samantha when I was in trouble, and I still have a little fear in my heart when someone brings out the full name.

Were you named after anyone?: My paternal great-grandfather. His name was actually Pasquale, but went by Sam. Not sure how you get Sam from Pasquale, but I digress. Funny enough, we share a birthday.

Favorite art period?: Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

Hogwarts House?: Ravenclaw all the way!

How about Pets?: Cats...lots of cats.

How many?: Four...for now.

What's your hobby?: Oh man, sewing, cosplay, prop making, illustration, water color painting, gardening, eating but not cooking, reading, taking pictures of my cats, napping, singing in the shower, and occasionally I'll get this urge to be funny.

Special Talent?: I binge watched 12 seasons of Grey's Anatomy in three months. Get on that level.

Ok, what's your real special talent?: Classical Singing. Proud soprano over here! Then, I'm really good at being an embarrassing nerd.

What's something you need to cross off your bucket list?: I really, really, really, really, would die happy if I could play Christine Daae on stage, and then visit the Opéra National de Paris, Palias Garnier, for an opera. Better yet, playing Christine Daae in Palias Garnier would be a dream.

Favorite literary character?: Ooh, this is going to be a long one. I tend to favor strong female leads who can hold up on their own. Clarice Starling from the Hannibal books is one of them and Sophie Hatter from Diana Wynne Jones' Howl's Moving Castle is another. Both have spitfire attitudes and won't tolerate any foolishness from the main male characters.